13th Age Point Buy Calculator

Points Left:  {{pointsLeft}}

{{abilityLabels[0]}}    {{pointBuyScore[0] + racialBonus[0] + classBonus[0]}}     {{modLabel}} {{abilityMod[0]}}

{{abilityLabels[1]}}    {{pointBuyScore[1] + racialBonus[1] + classBonus[1]}}     {{modLabel}} {{abilityMod[1]}}

{{abilityLabels[2]}}    {{pointBuyScore[2] + racialBonus[2] + classBonus[2]}}     {{modLabel}} {{abilityMod[2]}}

{{abilityLabels[3]}}    {{pointBuyScore[3] + racialBonus[3] + classBonus[3]}}     {{modLabel}} {{abilityMod[3]}}

{{abilityLabels[4]}}    {{pointBuyScore[4] + racialBonus[4] + classBonus[4]}}     {{modLabel}} {{abilityMod[4]}}

{{abilityLabels[5]}}    {{pointBuyScore[5] + racialBonus[5] + classBonus[5]}}     {{modLabel}} {{abilityMod[5]}}

Racial Bonus: 

Class Bonus: 

Recent changes: I fixed a bug I hadn't noticed where the mod wouldn't display accurately if you selected a racial or class bonus and then set it back to "None." Big buttons for big fingers. Color scheme and hr tag formatting. Text resizing. Elements revamped to scale better on mobile devices, down to iPhone 4 resolution. Added a background image to make things look pretty.

Want to see how this actually works? Code available here and is under the MIT License: Knowledge is power and this code can be used anywhere, by anyone, in anything, for free. Hopefully to help someone learn more about Angular.

Uhhh, except for the background image. The background is from this page and used without permission because there was no artist listed, so I can't give you permission to reuse that. If you are the artist who created this image, my sincerest appologies for using this uncredited. You can contact me here, and I will credit you and/or remove it immediately.